Customer Testimonials

Emma Williams
” Hi Alan, just wanted to write a quick message of thanks. Time flies and it can go unsaid but thank you to you and your team for the quality of the lessons you have given Iwan. He enjoys swimming very much and it was only today at his school gala when he won all his races that I realised how good he is getting.

So thank you for making him proud of himself and me a proud mum. ”

Sioned Jones
” Ahh Elis loved his first swimming lesson with Olympia Swim at DW tonight, Already asking when he’s going again…..Thanks ”

Emma Jones
” Yesterday was a proud mummy moment. Eira had her first swimming certificate and swam by her self for the first time. And this is all down to Olympia Swim. Would recommend them to everyone. ”
Anwen Roberts
” Efa bach wedi gael ei thisygrif gyntaf heddiw gan Olympia Swim. Diolch yn fawr i’r tim nofio xx ”
Natalie Hughes
” So today took the boys swimming we haven’t been in a while and not been since they started lessons with Olympia Swim, I wanted to see their progress & OMG I’m shocked Mason swam the whole time we were there with no armbands, he did the length of the small pool and the width of the big pool. Oscar was fine with getting his face wet ( hated it before ) and just goes in armbands no care in the world. Well done my amazing boys. ”
Hywyn Edwards
” So so proud of Elliw today first badge done. Thanks to Olympia Swim great job they do ”
Amy Jo
” Proud of my girls achieving there first swimming badges & certificates. Adele Wave 1 & Amelia Splash 6. They’ve come a long way it was only 2 months ago they were scared stiff to go near a pool. Now there confident & happy to get there lessons every Saturday. Thanks to Olympia Swim ”
Danielle Hogan
” So proud. Efan has completed Wave 1 in Swimming Lessons ”
Nichola Stevens
” This little monkey is now on his 3rd swimming lesson with Olympia Swim and loving it! It’s all down to you and water babies!! Xxx ”
Fiona Woodfine
” Soo proud of Joshua to think 5 months ago I was at my wits end with him at his swimming lessons messing around and not listening and not been able to swim… we since then moved him to Olympia Swim and come on amazing… Joshua jumping in and swimming in the deepend on his own “
Michelle Marshall
” Have a very happy Lauren tonight who absolutely loved her first session of her Junior Lifeguard course! Thanks Olympia Swim ”
Sioned A Wyn
” Elliw enjoyed her first ever swimming lesson, even tho she cried at first, swimming alone and full of confidence by the end and made a new friend Dela thankyou Olympia Swim ”
Natalie Hewitt
” My boys 1st swimming lesson with Olympia Swim and he loved it! Hasn’t stopped talking about it, few tears at first but settled in nicely ”
Jo Baxter
” Thankyou so much for helping Zac in his first lesson yesterday!! He was so excited coming home after all the tears before the lesson & cant wait until next week ”
Stephanie Beattie
” Went into the water no probs. She loved it & swimming on her own. Booked in for next week too xxxx ”
Donna Thomas
” So proud, da iawn chdi Ben wyt t wedi neud yn brilliant thankyou so much Olympia Swim ”
Kim Cullen
” Very proud of my little lady earning her swimming badge and certificate, can’t believe how much confidence she has gained in such a small period of time! Plus mummy no longer panics when she asks to go swimming. Thankyou Olympia Swim and Taid! ”
Liza Nagib
” Super proud of my little Princess Leila, achieving her first ever swimming badge level 6 splash ”
Tess Cooper
” Another certificate and badge for Harvey, he’s doing amazing at swimming thanks to Olympia Swim ”
Karen Jones
” Well I never thought I would see the day… Benjamin had his certificate and badge for swimming. He absolutely loves it thanks to Olympia Swim ”
Lisa Critchlow
” So happy that Megan loved her 1st swimming lesson today ( I have been worried sick about it all week ) They are absolutely fantastic Olympia Swim Megan can’t wait to come again next week ”